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The Client

Say hello to our friends at Eden.

Eden is your one-stop shop for office cleaning, IT support, handymen, and snack delivery. Everything you need to keep your office running smoothly.

Before Personas

What caused Eden’s inconsistent flow of monthly meetings?

Eden’s reps were doing manual data entry throughout their sales process.

They wasted hours searching for specific contacts, finding email addresses, suppressing data, and uploading CSVs, which meant lead volume was always inconsistent.

The Personas Difference
How did Eden jump to 160 monthly meetings from outbound alone?

Personas automated the manual work of lead generation and created segmented audiences that were sent personalized email content based on their specific persona — defined by company size, industry, funding, office location, and more.

Eden’s reps no longer had to worry about data cleaning, CRM checking, and importing leads into email automation platforms.

After Personas
More sales, less admin.

Using the same team of sales reps, Eden now has a strong, consistent flow of 140 meetings every month.

It used to require a full-time marketer and two full-time sales staff to source leads, deduplicate them against existing opportunities, and manually sync them with their email automation platform.

But now the entire process is automated by Personas, and only requires a one-hour weekly management meeting.

Since working with Personas, revenue from outbound channels has grown 300%, without any additional staff.



Improve sales efficiency with quality lead generation, email personalization, and seamless integration with all of your sales tools.

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