How to stop sourcing leads from active deals in Salesforce

Not only does Sona completely eliminate the time-consuming CRM checking and spreadsheet management that drives sales managers insane… it also sources highly-targeted leads based on advanced filters.

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What we learned from analyzing cold email results from 250+ startups

If you’ve ever wondered what results you should be getting from your outbound campaigns, have a read.

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The art of stealing your competitors’ clients over cold email

Companies steal clients from their competitors all the time... so there is a way to do this successfully. This article explains the do’s and don’ts.

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What We’ve Learned From Sending 306,660 Cold Emails For 108 Startups

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B2B lead generation companies: The quick and dirty buyers guide

When it comes to b2b lead generation companies for your startup, you’ve got a ton of options....

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