We all remember what the life of a sales rep was like before Outreach came along.

Every morning your reps would spend a few hours researching companies and manually jotting down notes about each account. Then they’d start emailing with the copy & paste method.

Remember the days of trying to keep track of responses in a spreadsheet and forgetting to follow up? Outreach changed all of that. Reps were able to eliminate hours of grunt work and human error every day and thus triple the time they spent actually selling.

Now Personas is changing the game yet again by automating the lead generation part of the process.

Most companies still do their prospecting manually.

Even with Outreach, most reps still spend time on tasks like hand-selecting leads, manually pushing them into email sequences, and doing the same CRM checks over and over again to make sure they haven’t emailed each contact or company before.

Sales managers don’t really see this as wasted time because there’s never been a good alternative. Admin tasks like this were always seen as a necessary and unavoidable evil, but some companies have started looking for solutions.

ScopeAI previously sourced all of their Outreach leads by hand. They’d have their reps scour LinkedIn every day and collect emails using a Chrome plugin. Then they’d copy the leads into a spreadsheet, deduplicate the data against their CRM, and manually import it into Outreach.

But recently one of their sales managers decided to figure out how much time they were collectively wasting with every sales rep doing the same tasks. They calculated that across all of their sales reps and marketing staff, they were wasting 22 hours per week on lead generation and related tasks.

Personas does for prospecting what Outreach did for cold emailing.

Here’s how it works with Personas.

  1. Highly-targeted leads matched with personalized email content: If you’re using Outreach or another email automation platform, Personas sources leads for you on a weekly basis and automatically syncs them with your email sequences. This means your leads get personalized emails (based on each individual persona) without any manual input from your sales reps.

  2. Auto-syncing with zero complications: You can choose to review your leads with the click of a button if you wish, but they’re automatically deduplicated against Salesforce and other CRMs so you can confidently auto-sync them with Outreach and other platforms.

  3. An entirely hands-off sales development process: Personas handles all of the deceptively time-consuming prospecting work that’s outside the scope of Outreach and other email automation platforms. It also eliminates the CRM-checking mistakes that inevitably occur due to human error.
Sona does for prospecting what Outreach did for cold emailing.

Book more meetings with higher-quality prospects using Personas for Outreach.

In the past, sales has been synonymous with spreadsheets and data cleaning… but what if your reps never had to look at another spreadsheet again?

Just like the way Outreach automated the process of contacting leads and following up with them over multiple channels, Personas is automating the tasks that feed Outreach. Namely, lead generation and sales development.

The Head of Sales at ScopeAI tells us that his reps “now do 3x the work in half the time. We reach higher-quality prospects and book more meetings, all without having to worry about the chaos of admin work and missing data across all of our CRMs.”‍

Personas integrates with just about every B2B sales and marketing tool, so reach out to us if you’re interested and we’ll show you how to save your reps hours of grunt work.

Book more meetings with higher-quality prospects using Sona for Outreach.

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